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Life Perceptions 


Jan And James

Jan and James accept you,

and hope we all have the freedom to be ourselves, in peace.

 Pacific Sun friends location is always peaceful.

Although all life changes in this peaceful place, we hope people’s perceptions, rise. At Pacific Sun Friends we appreciate your new awarenesses and hope we can achieve together , our success, being success for all.

Pacific Sun Friends is a place, where people can find rest on their life’s journey, experiencing the feelings of peace that can transform and regenerate life,  Jan and james provide  a peaceful   environment , allowing people to perceive and view Pacific Sun Friends as a place of rest.

We are blessed by the love of Christ, and glory in his understanding, that we are building up this love, our house for the future . And we share this house and give thanks to our friends, 

Pacific is like a well of peaceful water that can quench the thirst. When rested, you can continue on your life’s path.

Jan and James hope you have a wonderful stay, and you  feel the acceptance at Pacific Sun Friends, which you can take with you free of all your  burdens.

The truth you will hear from Jan and James,and friends  spoken at Pacific Sun Friends, we hope you will hear  from others, on your life’s journey. Pacific Sun Friends are people living Peace.

No matter where our friends are, Jan and James hope they are in the shadow of God’s love.

Jan and James are just like you, on a life journey each is making the other strong, while one is walking on the water the other is forgiving, God has divine guidance measured to the necessary measure to suit each situation, benefiting all in love.

An example this is what I heard aboutTrumps speeches, a sea whipped up with the instabilities of the world, drawing people into it, but in the sea there is a life raft, I believe he said there should not be any innocent man in prison. he also said New Jerusalem is already built, the works of New Jerusalem is communication, and overcoming of the instabilities. Gods spirit speaks like this, taking away the barriers walls and bars, these boundaries being overcome for the healing of nations of the world. 

We have a choice the sea of emotional water, or the boat, New Jerusalem Gods truth lifts us up.

My choice is to hear Gods spirit dissolve fight and strife, and understanding to know love, is the way, and help those that need help we are all one when it comes to life and God is merciful gentle and kind. God’s spirit is working in the midst of all and all is necessary.

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