Discovering the Nudist Lifestyle

Life Education Center

Looking for the natural that helps us all?

Pacific Sun friends is the place for you, nature at its best.

Do you like the sunshine? Sunshine is the best sources of vitamin D and (UVB). Ultraviolet sunlight is a source of lots of qualities for good.

There is one sun, maybe it is where you stand on earth, you can come in a car, on a bike, in a motor home of any size if you are lost give us a call (07) 5498-8333, and we will do our best to direct you from our point of view.

Learning over 55 years we know it is never too late to find Peace.

Our being assists you culture developing peace for the inner you, no wonder you are close to home.

Holy ground right where you stand establish your feet on the ground and soar high as a kite connecting heaven to earth.

When you discover friends at Pacific, your Son, your inner house will link home within your world.
Freedom yes! Looking to be yourself with your family? A clothed person should not judge a nudist, displaying his nakedness, nor should a nudist judge a clothed person, or he may get sunburnt, to move into the shade would have been a better choice or to put clothes on.
These true clothed people, save our skin. There is nothing wrong with your body we are just different. We are all under the same sun.

Let’s get back to nature. Maybe you are a tree person, then you’ll enjoy the many bush walks. Yes, we preserve nature.
How about the friendly birds? Yes they are naturally great to enjoy. A marvelous display of character.
You know we could talk all day on the beautiful natural life around Pacific, however there are things we have missed, we love you too and
would enjoy your company. It is always great to meet a friend another friend of ours, they are all around the world.
Sometimes we are a little rusty but always have the time to meet old friends again.

Let’s make visible what is hidden. The finding of new true understandings which assists the past. Acknowledging different attitudes to peace, people are much the same. You will love the heart of you.
It is not what you look like, it is what comes from the heart that counts straight. All we need is to accept what is right for our body and our mind to be harmonized.
Sunshine and friends, peace as we meet again, where we are free.
Yes, it is said when you reach the gate you will start feeling great.
Your mind will be at ease. Take off your sandals, put your feet on the grass, connect to the holy ground, let the excess flow to the earth.
Beautifully balanced.

So, come on in and enjoy good company. Smile, it has been said, “why didn’t we do this before”?
Jan would say, “Don’t think about it, just do it”.
Taking your first steps to renewing life.
Another witness says “on their way here from Brisbane, they followed a cloud in the sky with arms open wide along the road to the Pacific Sun Friends gate”.
We have an old nudist saying, “take nothing but a suntan, and leave nothing but your footprints”.
Or come and see us when you have nothing on. You will radiate so much love you will know love, yes, without a problem.
Our expertise is in the direction of Peace, the light shines to see with eye or mind.
We are each unique and special in our own right.

And we aim to see the best in you, and value your friendship. We are side by side in good character, being happy doing what we chose to do.
James, the owner operator of Pacific Sun Friends, is helped along with the loving heart felt communications of Jan, which helps him into the future.
From 1978 until now, our friends made Pacific Sun Friends what it is today. Spilling their blood helping others, bridging, stable to stable, a team yoked together by their choice.
Pacific Sun Friends stands for peaceful enlightened people around the world, helping people of our community to gather for the well being of their life on and in our earth, encouraging good, rejuvenating qualities, for everyone’s future.
We have learnt that the environment we live in shapes our future, our experiences with nature, enables man to become productive.
The extraction from within ourselves is our structure for ongoing life. Nature shows us how it communicates by keeping the life chain linked together.

It was said by others here, you roamed till you made this place your home, in all life’s games, practicing kindness, charity, being merciful forgiving is a treasure.
Finding talents to overcome problems within ourselves, we individually find our goal. Never block the path to freedom or use death to change the path.
Taking away the boundaries, barriers and walls, allowing all to share what each are meant to have for their own development.
We are all special in our own right, respecting others giving to grow our insights to clean assembled order, sharing coming up with better living ideas.

The present moment, the equal and opposite forces, are upside down and back to front. Look at your camera 8 infinity, it may be a little way off completing, yes it is here.
If you are struggling and trying to save yourself, you are influenced by shadows of others needing love, acceptance to take the pressure off.
The spirit of Love will never change anyone. Love is all, never to be separated or divided.
When we propagate the seed and look after the fruit, the life will unify, manifesting, extending, transforming the word of God.

When you come to Pacific Sun Friends, our unity is a welcome gift to you. We love those that contribute to a good cause.
Which is peace on Earth for us in Earth, for God and the Holy Spirit, which is alive, around, through, above, inside and outside, our house not made with hands.
Pacific Sun Friends is like being with God and a different light that shines for all, too bright for some. His son in spirit shines within us to guide us, Emmanuel with you and I are free.
All living has spirits, some try to hold you down, changing and rearranging you, fitting to the system you agreed to with them. Yes, it is good to be yourself, Free.

By the love of Christ, there is no one all wrong. We illuminate our individual love to others, maintaining our direction that we understand..
Please remember love is unity, not division. Yes that is to know both sides of creation.
The upside-down perception is to love your lover. The earth is the most precious place to clothe, cherish, and dress for your future, and each is an individual universe.
Pacific Sun Friends is a life education center. Putting the heart straight like a tree, overcoming the shadows on the way to the light to heaven.

Like a tree in the open paddock, exposed to the elements all around, arrayed with flower and seed to save its life from surrounding pressure stretches out to save its roots, another tree in good soil growing straight, a flower by growing, making heaven reachable from earth to manner from waters above the firmament to earth and her water beneath the sea. We in spirit abide waiting for the resurrection of Christ. Through man earth each one his
wright. A corner stone is for all to find. He knows what to do and we use his eyes to keep in tune with the love to guide on the path. God of the living not the dead. Living love of God is a living God.
From the center flows rivers of life, the center, the heart to heaven, manifesting by the king saved by Christ back to the beginning, Alpha Omega.

What I say is heard by those that require, what is heard by others is a confirmation of the spark we are one, the right path. We are not to change, we are complete and whole, growing to the light of God from within us all. We find him to find all.
This is a small seed as the maker said will grow into a big tree producing your chosen universe.
Did you know that all the above can be the seed of (Love thy neighbor as yourself) yes, you could know that your perception is yours, that is heard of your neighbor, not sure, come closer to home, who is your lover, when he she is in their correct house, they are home.
Heaven above, now the earth is in the heaven, right with God heaven over the matter, now the mother of all living.

More good news to come on pages ahead.